What is daman ??

Is an integrated system for the management of air forces to work on different stages maintenance level, and monitor the work on the aircraft in various squadron and control and monitoring of stores both in the input or output or follow up and monitor orders, This integrated system present Central Monitoring Service by up room under the chairmanship of Staff of the Air Force, where data is displayed from various military bases and then be displayed and monitor the situation, headed by Air Force. Send all air bases report the current status of the aircraft, warehouses and maintenance for the presidency of the Air Force to take the appropriate decisions.

What is the Daman Features ??

Multi Users System

multi-user system And the possibility of running on the network.

Secured System

System security and the distribution of permission in order to ensure that any user will not be seen any part except the part authorized by the system administrator, so that each user has login name and the encrypted password in the database so that it can not be dislodged.

Easy,And Comfortable

Clarity interfaces designed professionally take into account the coordination and the use of appropriate colors comfortable to the eye, and ease of handling and the multiplicity of choices in the access to information and easy searching and help users in the input and process.

Softwarecenter-System Inegration

System Integration

The possibility of system integration with the rest of the existing systems.

Error protection

Tighten scrutiny of the inputs to the system and reduce the possibility of erroneous data input to the lowest level thereby avoiding encourage users to error encourage users to error.

What is the Daman Components ??

SoftwareCenter-it/Aircraft Monitoring

Aircraft Monitoring System

Store Management System

Maintenance Management system

Maintenance Management system

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