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What is Sahil ERP ??

Software Center provides ERP consulting services that improve the overall experience for our partners and valued customers and ensure them to get superior value from their technology investment today and into the future. However, Software Center provides SahilERP System package built on Odoo platform and highly customized for Industrial Corporations, which support organizations to manage their business and automate many back-office functions such as Human Resources, Accounting and Assets, Production planning and Costing, Purchases and Stock, Sales and Marketing, CRM and Business Intelligent. Whether you are a growing business with one location, expanding into new markets or a large enterprise running ERP with subsidiary operations, SahilERP will help you transform and run your businesses simply. It brings detailed product expertise, extensive business process knowledge and innovative strategies to unlock the potential of SahilERP for your business.

What is Sahil ERP Modules ??

Human Resource management

Store, view, easily access and manage essential employee data, leaves, attendence , talent recrutment and various HR functions.

Accounting Management

It gives the Administrator user access to all accounting features (such as journal items, the chart of accounts, payment terms, taxes, discounts, pricelists ...).

Production Management

Mange, store and retrieve Pharmacy/Product Master Data as well as Batch and Serial Number Data. In addition to Recipe Management, Bill of Materials, Production Versions and Electronic Batch Record.

Sales Management

It helps you to manage production orders, control shop floors, assist in coordination, manage scheduling, BOM, lot-size adjustment and lead time settings and much more.

Reports & Dashboards

Track the process of each activity, from projects to reports and invoices, and get statistical info on all topics, in a simple and clear tabular chart.


Tract leads, follow-up on activities and meetings. Analyze the quality of your leads to make informed decisions and save time by integrating emails directly into the application

Purchase Management

Automate your procurement propositions, launch request for quotations, track purchase orders, manage suppliers' information, control products reception and check suppliers' invoices.

Inventory Management

Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system. Get the most efficient stocking & improve all your internal operations.

Sahil ERP

ERP Consulting Services

Software Center has the expertise and the approach to deliver high-quality open source ERP solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our specialists work with your internal implementation team to ensure an efficient and successful implementation based on your requirements, budget, and project timeline. Our consulting services include but not limited to:

ERP Health Check

Review your existing ERP, Process Review and Re-Engineering, Current technology enhancements assessment, Evaluate the best ERP system for your industry and your business requirements.

Project Recovery

We can develop a project recovery roadmap that defines the changes in the short-term and long-term that need to be made.

Requirement Analysis

We can fast track your software selection by recommending the best solutions for your industry and based on your business requirements, company objectives and vision of the future. We can assist in developing your Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI).

Project Implementation

Software Center provides project management and implementation experience to ensure your project team is ready for every phase of the system implementation.

Constant Monitoring

At the Post Implementation phase, we have a 24/7 monitoring support services to guarantee that your system and all business functions run efficiently, and provide your back-end processes with preventive support and essential maintenance.

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